Since coming to our rescue from the Brooklyn ACC in November, Daisy’s journey has been a long one.
She came to us with multiple masses along her mammary chain, in her mouth and various places throughout her body. We knew her surgery would be very involved so we began fundraising to afford the care she would need. Thanks to the generosity of so many people, Daisy had her lifesaving surgery in December. Now, two months later, Daisy is completely healed and ready to start the rest of her life.
Daisy is a spayed female bull terrier/pit mix. She is about 7-9 years old. Don’t let that number fool you, Daisy has a lot of life to live. She is good with large dogs who aren’t overbearing. She is currently in foster with two dogs and sleeps alongside them. As long as a dog is respectful of her down time, Daisy is golden. No cats.
Daisy is a Velcro dog. She is attached to her fosters sides 24/7. She snuggles next to them on the couch, making sure a part of her body is touching them at all times.
We can’t say enough great things about Daisy. After all she’s been through she has every reason to be grouchy but she isn’t. She loves life and always has a smile of her beautiful face.  We promise you won’t regret bringing this incredible dog into your life.