This is Casanova. He came into the Manhattan ACC as a stray with visibly struggling skin issues. Something about his face grabbed our attention. Now that he has kennel cough, his life was on the line and he was facing euthanasia today.
Strong Island loves to work with other rescues and once again we’ve partnered up with Second Chance NYC dogs to pull Casanova off of that dreaded list and into our care.
Jen Brook’s is always there to answer our texts when we feel a connection to an animal facing certain death and we are very grateful to her and her organization.
Casanova’s behavioral rating is practically flawless and we can’t wait to meet him when he officially leaves the shelter.
Welcome to Strong Island, handsome boy. 




Handsome Casanova went to Jefferson Animal Hospital today for a nose to tail exam.
This boy came to us from the To Be Destroyed list at the Manhattan ACC. We saw the beauty beneath his skin problems and knew we could help him.
After a thorough check by Dr. Jeff, the hospital performed a tear test and eye stain because of the swelling and redness around his left eye. Thankfully both were negative. They also did a skin scrapping to test for mange and that was also negative. Dr. Jeff suspects that Casanova is suffering from untreated allergies. This can wreak havoc on an animal and Casanova is proof of that. He was sent home with a long list of medications he will be on for the next 3 weeks until his recheck appointment.
Through the entire checkup Casanova was a perfect gentleman. He loved everyone and the feeling was mutual. Dr. Jeff said exactly how we felt when we saw his photo, after some treatment this boy is going to be drop dead gorgeous!!!
On the day Casanova came to stay with us, one of our supporters commented “thank you for giving his life back”. That statement has really stuck with us. Casanova was hours away from becoming another statistic. Another dog to die in a shelter. Another pit bull to never get the chance at a new life. And now all of that has changed. He’s getting the best care and the best love out there. We are honored to have played a part in giving this boy what he deserved, a future.

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